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Back In Time

.x.Back In Time.x.
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All Members , Moderated
.x.This is my first community so please bare with me.

.x.This is a community about things of the past basically. Cartoons/Movies/Shows from the past, the 80's, all the way to current. Whatever cartoons you grew up with. It's just one thing from your childhood you never forget. If you're interested in suggestions let me know, or post about it in the community. You can post fanfic, fanart, etc.

.x.With any community there will be rules. I'll think of more as needed.
x When posting long entries and or a quiz please use the LJ-cut. It cuts down on load time.
x Respect others opinions, no bashing.
x No cussing or using symbols in place of cuss words.
x No posting of profanity.
--I want to keep this community at least PG.

.x.All right, now that the boring stuff is taken care of. Have fun!

Owner arikia Mod gargoyles_rock
a pup named scooby-doo, aladdin series, alvin and the chipmunks, animaniacs, arthur, atom ant, babar, back to the future, batman, beetlejuice, betty boop, biker mice from mars, bonkers, captain planet, care bears, casper, catdog, curious george, david the nome, droopy, ducktales, floppy dogs, fraggle rock, garfield, gargoyles, ghostbusters, godzilla, gummi bears, hey arnold, hong kong phooey, house of mouse, huckleberry hound, inspector gadget, jetsons, kim possible, lady lovelylocks, liberty's kids, little bear, looney tunes, magilla gorilla, mighty ducks, mighty mouse, mummies alive, muppet babies, my little pony, peanuts, pepper ann, peppermint rose, peter rabbit, pinky and the brain, popeye, popples, pound puppies, power puff girls, quick draw mcgraw, raggedy ann and andy, rainbow brite, recess, ren & stimpy, rocket power, rocko’s modern life, rocky and bullwinkle, rugrats, rupurt, sabrina the animated series, scooby-doo where are you?, screwy squirrel, sesame street, smurfs, snagglepuss, sonic the hedgehog, space ghost, speed racer, sponge bob, squiddly diddly, strawberry shortcake, superman, teacher’s pet, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the adams family, the flintstone kids, the flintstones, the grinch, the little mermaid series, the magic school bus, the snorks, the wacky races, timon and pumbaa series, tiny toons, tom and jerry, tom and jerry kids, top cat, unico, wally gator, weekenders, what’s new scooby-doo?, wild thornberries, winnie the pooh, woody the woodpecker, wuzzles, yogi bear